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ECO smart panels

Rapid Construction,Cost Effective, Sand Free Construction, Reinforced Wall Panel ,Guaranteed No Delamination

ECO smart panels

We have a rich industrial experience of 20 years and are engaged with multiple infrastructural organizations to provide economical & sustainable solution for walls. We are one of the prime manufacturers for different kind of bricks & blocks in major part of India.

Our rich industrial experience has skilled us in understanding day to day problems faced by a developer & end user for enclosing a structure. With our 2 decades experience, we have hand-crafted our innovative EcoSmart Dry wall panels, which Holds combinations Benefits of all brick solutions and cover major draw backs of traditional walling techniques.

What Makes Our Company Different & Better?

Here are the main three reasons of why we are the best in the market and highlighted points for our product which are:Steel reinforcement,100 mm,Ecofriendly cement fiber sheet,No asbestos,Aerated core,Solutions with fittingly,Primer ready wall solution,No delamination.

Low Cost Housing

We Provide best qualilty walls at low cost with the right materials

Rapid Construction

Our Company Provides a walls services in a minimum time period.

Cost Effective

Our goal is to offer outstanding value for your money.

We know Wall Panels

Our company is your trusted roofer in India. Give us a call to get instant help.

Light Weight

Fire Resistant

Water Resistant

Weather Resistant

Asbestos Free

Termite Resistant

Strong &

Eco Friendly


5x Faster Construction

Sand less

Srew Able