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About us

EcoSmart is your trusted roofing services provider in India


We have a rich industrial experience of 20 years and are engaged with multiple infrastructural organizations to provide economical & sustainable solution for walls. We are one of the prime manufacturers for different kind of bricks & blocks in major part of India. Our rich industrial experience has skilled us in understanding day to day problems faced by a developer & end user for enclosing a structure. With our 2 decades experience, we have hand-crafted our innovative EcoSmart Dry wall panels, which Holds combinations Benefits of all brick solutions and cover major draw backs of traditional walling techniques.

EcoSmart Panel

A wall can be elaborated as “WALL” – Well Attachment for Living Lives, it converts a concrete structural house in to home by giving the space to individual for various needs. Walls are still made by traditional means with brick masonry. India has witnessed many changes in types of bricks like from handmade red bricks, Eco-friendly Fly ash bricks, Temperature insulating hollow Clay bricks to light weight AAC blocks, but the process mainly remains the same & time taking, which begins from pre-curing of bricks to masonry work, post wall cuing, plaster, punning for paint base coat etc. All process takes a lot of time, money & labor which is a burden for developer, loaded on the client.

We are introducing Eco Smart Wall Panels to bring s revolutionary change in current wall solutions by directly replacing the ongoing technique of jointing small building blocks & plastering them. It is manufactured by sandwiching two fibre reinforced cement sheets on either sides of an aerated concrete core bonded with fibres.